Although surrogacy has been in practice for over 20 years in Ukraine, in recent years it has become THE European surrogacy destination thanks to its secure legal framework and affordable prices. Some other reasons we think Ukraine is a great destination to help grow your family are:

  • Easy to reach destination in the heart of europe with flight connections to many international airports
  • High level of medical expertise for ART treatments
  • Experience helping international families since 2000 
  • Surrogacy journeys are supported by professionals from every sector
  • Legal framework protects parents, surrogates and babies born through surrogacy
  • Modern and vibrant cities which are easy to get around
  • Lower prices compared to other established destinations


Most providers in Ukraine are either agencies who work with clinics for the medical procedures or clinics who offer an integrated approach and all services under one roof.

Both of these options follow a model which many refer to as a “one stop shop”.

Whilst this model certainly has its pros and seems logistically effective, experience has told us that this approach is often a “one shoe fits all” leaving little room for personalisation.

Many of these providers have 1 single payee, meaning that you may have to put down a large initial deposit in the hands of one company and given the volume of patients at any one time, the attention to detail for each couple is often minimal.

At Nest and Co we propose a new way of thinking :

  • We will advise, guide and support you throughout your programme
  • We offer you more options, so you decide on the most important elements of your project to suit your preferences and budget
  • We introduce you to local partners who you will pay directly to provide their service, meaning they work solely in your interests
  • You only pay for the services you use
  • Our partners are dedicated to the wellbeing and care of surrogates, helping you pay her directly with no intermediaries. Read more about surrogate care here
  • Whilst working with numerous providers, we still retain a seamless experience from start to finish


Whilst Ukraine is a secure and established destination for surrogacy, it is unfortunately not a possibility for all family models because there are prerequisites for Intended Parents (IPs). In order to participate in a programme, IPs must:

  • Be a heterosexual married couple with a valid marriage certificate
  • Provide a signed letter from a medical professional stating the reason for (female) infertility or inability to carry a child safely to term.
  • At least one of the parents will need to provide genetic material

If you don’t fulfill these requirements, explore our surrogacy in Mexico page


Egg donation in Ukraine is anonymous. 

This means that whilst some clinics may be able to provide full profile information and photographs of candidates, you will not be able to know her identity. Whatsmore, under current legislation, your future child has no opportunity to meet the donor once they reach the age of 18.

By law, egg donors must be:

  • Of legal age (over 18) and under 35 and have at least one healthy child of their own. 
  • Abstain from unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and drug use 
  • Pass a long list of medical analyses including a psychological assessment before being accepted into a programme.

In Ukraine, the large majority of donors are caucasion and finding other phenotypes will likely involve paying a higher compensation.


The role of a surrogate or gestational carrier is the most important one in your entire programme. For this reason the surrogate is very much a part of your journey and her wellbeing and care is a fundamental for us. 

Despite Ukraine’s long standing involvement in commercial surrogacy programmes, the conditions for gestational carriers or surrogates are unfortunately not always favourable so it’s important to work with agencies that will prioritize this. 

Read more about our relationship with surrogates and find out more about their experiences here

Like egg donors, by law surrogates must be:

  • Of legal age (over 18) and have at least one healthy child of their own. 
  • Abstain from unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and drug use 
  • Pass a long list of medical analyses including a psychological assessment before being accepted into a programme.


1- Initial consultation with NEST. We review your personal circumstances and advise on the best programme for you.

2-  We introduce you to our team, our “andCo” before you travel to Ukraine.

3- You start IVF at your chosen clinic

4- We introduce you to your surrogate

5- Embryo transfer

6- Pregnancy Observation at chosen clinic. We will keep you updated with reports, videos and progress

7- Travel to Ukraine for the birth at your chosen hospital

8- Logistical assistance in Kiev and legal support to get your travel documents


Legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine are regulated by Article 123 of The Ukrainian Family Code.

According to Ukrainian legislation, gestational carriers in Ukraine do not have parental rights over a child born through surrogacy. This is because they have no genetic link with the baby and by signing a gestational contract with the “intended” or “commissioning” parents, the latter are considered the legal parents from the moment of conception and only their names will be entered on the birth certificate.

However, babies born through surrogacy in Ukraine do not automatically acquire Ukraininan nationality meaning new parents must apply for a passport from their own country in order for the baby to leave the country. 

The process and timeline for obtaining a passport will depend on your embassy. For many countries the nationality is usually inherited from the father but this also depends on the rules of your country.

Contact us for more information.