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We are Louise and Hélène.
After several years working together for a Ukrainian IVF and surrogacy provider, we decided to create our own consulting agency to support parents who needed the help of a surrogate to create their families.

We are a team of experienced professionals who will help and advise you on the most suitable path for you, working with a network of specialists at every stage of your project who will accompany you on every level of your journey

Our story to far

Dismissed due to the pandemic…

From 2018 – 2020 we worked for a Ukrainian clinic called ilaya before its closure due to the financial crisis left couples in limbo with no support or services. It was at this moment that we decided to step in and quickly find alternatives, and thanks to our amazing Ukrainian colleagues, families and surrogates were able to finish their journeys with the support they deserved.

From this, NestandCo was born and we began to help more couples to create their families in Ukraine.

Invasion of Ukraine…

2022 marked the start of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine and once again we found ourselves up against a huge challenge which tested our adaptability, dedication to what we do and commitment to seeing things through.

And once again we were able to achieve this, thanks to the help of our colleagues Anya, Alena and Platon. No programme in progress is abandoned and during our first birth in Kyiv in the first few days of the War, our team pulled together to help the future parents, even the doctor who welcomes them in the maternity ward to shelter the couple and their surrogate.

Contacts with the consulates and embassies multiplied, and solutions were found at all costs.

Alternative destinations

Since the creation of Nest And Co, Louise and Hélène have been able to accompany all types of families to Ukraine, Mexico, the United States, Georgia and most recently to Argentina.

The strength of Nest And Co is to find reliable and professional partners to accompany you throughout this journey, which is without a doubt, the most important project of your life.

About Nest And Co

Nest And Co distinguishes itself from other agencies and clinics by our personalised approach and respect and care for each person involved.

Run by women

Nest And Co is not only run by women, but the vast majority of our partners in countries where surrogacy is possible are also women.

Open to everyone

From the very beginning, Nest And Co has looked for viable and safe surrogacy destinations around the world for all families.

We look after our people

A surrogacy programme isn’t just about the baby.

It’s a unique and complex project that must be ethical and transparent.

We like to get to know our clients personally and be able to dedicate to them the time they deserve.

Without respite

Whatever happens, you will be supported, advised, and guided through your surrogacy.

We have a great deal of experience and are ready to face any adversity which might arise.

Our team

To date, Louise and Hélène have helped over 100 couples become parents



Hélène is French and moved to Spain more than 3 years ago after selling her business, looking for a change of life and new opportunities for her family. She has a degree in psychology, with extensive experience in teaching, and then switched to baking and taught for 8 years.

A totally different career opened up for her in Spain as a general manager in the same medical company as Louise and she developed the same dedication and passion to assist couples who called upon their company to achieve their great Project. Hélène assists French and English speaking couples from all over the world. To date, Louise and Hélène have assisted over 100 couples in their “journey to parenthood”.




Louise is originally from the UK and has lived in Spain for over 10 years. After graduating in Modern Languages, she worked in a number of administrative and sales positions before joining a medical company where she was a consultant for couples seeking surrogacy options abroad.

This quickly became more than just a job and turned into a passion for helping people, and with her colleague Hélène, they joined forces to create Nest.

Louise assists both English and Spanish speaking couples.

United Kingdom

What we do the best


Trust is the most important element of any surrogacy journey and one of the people you need to trust is your agency.

At NestAndCo, we know how important it is to keep you updated on a regular basis, work with the right people and ensure all the legal and ethical aspects are following meticulously.


Embarking on a surrogacy journey can be a bit like riding a rollercoaster and for several months, emotions will be up and down.

At NestAndCo, we have guided many parents through surrogacy and have dealt with many different situations, ranging from very happy to incredibly sad and we have been able to adapt our level of support to suit every one of our clients.


Your project is going to take place several thousand miles away from your home and it’s a project which involved the participation of many different specialists. You need an agency which will coordinate each step and every person involved.

Although we have our trusted partners, our interests are always to represent our clients.


Over the years, we have met some incredible people, people involved in supporting couples locally, agencies which take care of surrogates, doctors, lawyers, clinic directors and couriers… the list could go on.

At NestAndCo, we look for the best partners, those who share our vision, our moral code, who share our empathy, professionalism, and are transparent and we are proud that they form part of your project.

We are constantly doing new things!

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