NestandCo offers a simple, honest and transparent approach to surrogacy in Ukraine and Mexico.

Tired of the traditional Ukrainian model Hélène and Louise decided to break away from the norm to offer a personalised experience, shift focus back onto the surrogate – parent relationships and create a payment method where parents only pay for services they actually need.

Choosing who to entrust your fertility journey to is perhaps the most important part of your project so understanding all the options available before you start is crucial. It’s important to remember that ART treatments are processes based on mutual trust, patience and positivity and it’s important to have a good support network of people you can count on. This is where Nest and Co comes into play. We are a team of experienced professionals who will help and advise you on the most suitable treatments for you, working with specialists at every stage of your project who will accompany you on your journey from start to finish.

Why choose NEST?

Having both worked for the same fertility provider, our experience is largely based on a service which offered a “one stop shop”. Meaning that you pay one agency who chooses, coordinates and pays for each service included in your agreement.

However, we have seen the limitations and weaknesses of this model and whilst “guaranteed programs” and other “unlimited transfers” seem reassuring and appealing, you essentially hand over financial control to this one provider and if conditions change, you don’t have any say. Whatsmore, you may even find you have overpaid for services you haven’t received.

Our main goal is to shift the focus back onto the most important person in your project : your surrogate. By helping you to pay her directly, without intermediaries who could take advantage of the situation. On the basis of a contract that will take into account the wellbeing as well as financial and logistical aspects of your gestational carrier.

  • We will present you more options of clinics to assist you with your IVF treatments, embryo transfers and pregnancy observation, depending on your personal circumstances and needs.
  • We will put you in contact with our locally based Ukrainian team who will monitor the medical aspects of your programme in addition to providing logistical and emotional support of your surrogate.
  • We will provide you with on the ground logistical support and give you a warm introduction to any of the destinations we work in.
  • We will provide you with options of experienced local lawyers who will take care of the legal procedures at key stages during your journey.
  • We will propose you with more options of maternity houses for the birth of your baby which are best suited to your needs.
  • We will help you coordinate direct payments to each party, meaning you remain in control of your money throughout the programme.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” this well known proverb really is the foundation of why we created Nest, and to help you at each stage whilst also doing the best possible for your surrogate, yourselves and your baby.