Unexplained infertility is the harsh diagnosis we received after years of trying to get pregnant and investigations into why it wasn’t happening. Trying every possible treatment and visiting different clinics in Europe pushed my body too far and our doctors recommended we try surrogacy. 

Our first experience started in 2018 and our world changed completely when our girl was born in 2019 in Lviv and when the time came to give her a sibling, we knew we had to embark on another surrogacy journey. 

We wanted a more transparent process this time around with a better relationship with our agency and surrogate and we were so incredibly lucky to work with Nest. 

We met Louise and realised we shared the same ideas about the surrogate’s care and the communication between all parties and she introduced us to all her partners; the people who moved mountains for us to come back home safely with our son. 

Our second journey started in Kyiv where we produced our best embryos, and our surrogate was closely monitored and cared for in a lovely manner. Our first transfer was a success, and we were so excited to became parents again, but the world turned upside down on the day of 24th of February. 

Our surrogate, then 27 weeks pregnant, wanted to keep her daughter and our son safe so she fled to Lviv where the amazing Anna met her and crossed the border with her into Poland. There, Anna took amazing care of our surrogate and her daughter and the whole team started to work on backup plans for us. Accommodation, a new hospital, a doctor who spoke Ukrainian with Kate, a local solicitor to help us navigate through the exit process – the amazing Nest team helped us during all those hard months while witnessing their country being destroyed by war. All our phone calls, emails and messages were always answered immediately, and Kate and her daughter have been well cared for. 

Our son was born in Warsaw in May, his sister adores him, and our family is now complete. 

We will always be grateful to Louise, Anna, Alena and Platon. We know we made new friends in this journey, and we hope one day Albert will meet the extraordinary people that helped us in our journey and made our surrogate feel safe. 


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