Our role as consultants is to study your project and propose all possible options. So when you’ve made the decision to take the leap and start a surrogacy program the big question is where to do it?

For some years we have known that Argentina could be an interesting destination but with the strict COVID restrictions and the borders being closed for so long, we’ve been waiting to see if the reopening would last and how surrogacy programs could restart.

As in Mexico, surrogacy in Argentina is unregulated, but more explicitly authorized since it is not prohibited in any states (art. 19 national constitution).

There are no rules about who can participate meaning all family models can access a surrogacy program which all begin with the signing of a prior consent from gestational carriers. The birth certificate will only mention the name of the parent(s) and legal parentage (in Argentinian law) will be made by a court decision.

Any babies born in the country will also be awarded an Argentine passport meaning wait times to travel home will be significantly reduced if a visa is not required to return to the parent’s country of origin. We are planning a trip to Buenos Aires in the coming months afterwhich we hope to start offering our first programmes here.

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