Since we started working with Kyiv Perinatal centre to deliver the babies of NEST couples, we have crossed paths with many familiar faces who help make this possible.
One of these key figures is the delivery doctor, Nickolay Eduardovich who is in charge of the delivery suite – keeping everyone calm and making the final step of this long journey a reality.

We caught up with him over a coffee and a tour of the facilities during one of our trips to Kiev to find out more about his experiences as head delivery doctor at one of the busiest maternity hospitals in Ukraine.

His background and experience

Nikolay was born and raised in Kyiv, temporarily relocating to go study at the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in Vinnytsya, founded in 1921 and which was at the time was the most prestigious medical university in Ukraine.
After six years, Nikolay started his postgraduate studies and three year residency in Shupyk National Healhcare University of Ukraine based in Kyiv, after which he worked and studied in Bogomolets National Medical University.
His work experience began in Obukhiv Maternity Hospital (Kyiv region, about 80 km from Kyiv), Kyiv Regional Prenatal Centre, before he eventually took on a role in Kyiv Prenatal Centre where he has spent the last 24 years of his 28 year career. He tells us its great hospital and is the most open minded in terms of protocols, treatments, and births.


He tells us he chose to be an obstetrician-gynaecologist because it’s not like a regular doctor’s job where you treat diseases; instead, you help perform the natural miracle of life.

The best thing about his job is being involved and witnessing a mother holding her new-born for the first time. He enjoys the contact he has with his patients and helping them during this life changing time – treating them with the patience, respect, and dignity they deserve but this is incidentally also the most challenging part of the job – making time out of a busy daily routine to really understand the needs of his patients.

When asked how many babies he has delivered, he tells us that this is impossible to count!!
But estimates that it must be over around 5.000!!
Yesterday the hospital celebrated its 10th Anniversary as Kyiv Perinatal centre (before it was named Maternity Hospital nº7) and in this time they have delivered around over 63.000 babies, 5500 in 2021 alone so Nikolay has helped with a large percentage of these!

The hospital declined to share data about how many of these births are surrogate pregnancies – for them patients are all treated the same way, but it’s clear that they are used to receiving international patients, so much so that Nickolay has agreed to participate in an exclusive upcoming webinar with NEST to talk about the hospital and prepare future intended parents for their surrogacy journeys in Ukraine.
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