Our journey began 10 years ago. Like many couples, we thought that we would fall pregnant quickly soon after stopping contraception but unfortunately this was not the case. First we underwent tests and then we were diagnosed with endometriosis. Many attempts of IUIs, IVFs and Egg donations followed and each failure always came accompanied with physical and psychological suffering, but we always stayed positive, continued to move forward and remained united.

When the endometriosis had progressed too far, we decided to give up with IVF and turn our focus to surrogacy. We quickly chose Ukraine as a destination for our project and our contact with Hélène was decisive. Surrogacy is all about trust and you have to trust yourself to see through life project several thousand kilometers away. Hélène was able to reassure us and guide us through each step of the process.

We were fortunate that a pregnancy occurred with the first embryo transfer and we had the chance to meet a wonderful surrogate, wonderful in every way possible. We knew it was not easy for her to entrust 9 months of her life doing this for a couple of foreigners but we took the time to get to know each other and forged a strong bond.

Our time in Kiev was an incredibly emotional moment, meeting with our surrogate and the birth of our little girl, a magical moment of the experience we had all shared.

We were very well received and accompanied around Kiev thanks to Anna and Alena, who were always smiling, available and professional. Really wonderful people!

We are really delighted to have chosen Nest and Co. A journey of reciprocal trust, Hélène was always attentive and available and we had an amazing team on site in Kiev. Thank you to them for helping every couple to become a family.

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