Deciding to have a child is a big decision under any circumstances. So, to commit to
embarking on assisted reproduction takes that decision to a whole new level. Suffice to say
that the team you have with you, as you negotiate all the highs and lows, is the very next big
decision to make. Fortunately for us, we had Louise Riding and her team on board – and
that was the best decision we could have made.

Such stories do not happen quickly. They take time and lots of patience. Louise was by our
side to laugh in the good times and shed a tear with us and hold a virtual hand when we
needed. Louise has such an extensive knowledge of all aspects of surrogacy and is
meticulous with her work. Most importantly she genuinely cares and wants the very best for
her families.

On the ground in Kyiv we had Alena who was an absolute jack-of-all-trades. That is, she was
happy to step in and help whether it be translation, transportation or where to eat dinner.
Anna took excellent care of our surrogate at every stage which was so important to us. On
the legal side, Platon Danylenko guided us through the Australian / Ukrainian legal maze
with ease. He was calm, thorough, and so very efficient.

We are just not sure if we would have gone the distance had we not had these amazing
people advocating for us. Because we did, here with us today is our beautiful little boy.
Thank you to the entire Nest & Co Team.

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