Hello! My name is Hélène Lubert and I am one of two founders of NestandCo.
I have been living in Spain for several years with my husband and our two daughters.
My role within our company has many facets: administrative, organizational, commercial, and especially
Assistance, because once a programme has started, we have a duty of moral and even psychological
support to our couples.

Areas of interest:

I really enjoy making the most of living in Valencia, being able to swim in the sea 6 months of the year,
going hiking, visiting the towns and villages of the region, enjoying the sunny terraces of the city. Every
weekend we find an outing that allows me to disconnect a little of my work.
Former cook and pastry chef, I also spend a lot of time in my kitchen, but I also love reading books,
getting through at least 2 every month.
But my real passion is traveling, which I try to do as much as possible.

Previous professional experience:

I am a Sociology Graduate, after which I pursued studies in Psychology. My first role was as a teaching
assistant which I held for five years until I eventually looked for other professional opportunities.
I’ve also worked as a photographer and as a sales rep before becoming a pastry chef, cook and trainer
for adults, which made me realize that what I did best was working with people, to assist them and to
pass on my knowledge.

Experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction:

When I was offered the position of coordinator in a Ukrainian medical company, but based in Valencia, I
understood that I was going to have to accompany couples on a fertility journey several thousand kms
from home.
I agreed, but I immediately asked to be sent to Kiev to see how things were going and to meet all the
parties involved. I then trained in the legal part with the help of a fantastic French lawyer.
This job was made for me, and I cannot not imagine doing anything else, and when the opportunity arose
for us to create NestAndCo and we are able to continue our work according to our own criteria.
What do you like most about your job?
I like the idea that, at my level, I help people, couples, to realize their dream of becoming a family, I like
to receive photos of these babies growing up and see the happiness of their parents.
I like being able to accompany people and the personal involvement that this implies and the bonds that
are created.
I also like to know that women will be able to change their lives thanks to us.
And finally, I love working with our colleagues abroad, learning and enriching myself with our cultural

What are the most difficult aspects?

Without a doubt, having to share bad news, but fortunately it is much more often the opposite!
Social networks are challenging, especially when some people use them to create or relay false
information without you having the chance to respond and set the record straight.
The misunderstanding of our way of working, because we have decided to do the best, especially for the
woman who will help the couple to become a parent and we sometimes realize that for some, this is less
important than the financial aspect.

What I like about Kiev:

I love this city, its energy, its dynamism, the creativity that can be seen everywhere while maintaining a
thousand-year-old cultural heritage despite wars and occupations.

People are open with a great sense of service; the cuisine is excellent and there is no shortage of things
to do.
I think like me, most people are apprehensive before coming for the first time, but once there, we have a
great stay and we can’t wait to come back!



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