Nest And Co is a young agency which started its consulting activity in Assisted Reproduction Techniques in November 2020.
However, the 2 founders of Nest in addition to their collaborators in both in Ukraine and Mexico already have several years of experience in this field and have worked hand in hand as a team long before the company started.
Thanks to their previous experience working as case managers for a fertilty clinic and after having faced many negative aspects with traditional surrogacy programmes, they developed a different model, one that is more ethical, transparent and responsible and protects the people involved.
Able to adapt to the many difficulties that can arise during this type of project, Nest has already welcomed eight babies to come into the world under the best conditions possible, provided the best treatment and care to the surrogates who carried them and supported their parents to complete their journeys securely.
The strength of Nest And Co? Our unwavering involvement to carry out your parenting project by putting our expertise, agreements with excellent medical clinics and our professional, caring and dedicated team at your service.



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