At Nest and Co, we have decided to rethink the classic model offered by other agencies and offer something better.
So for all our programmes you will sign contracts directly with the companies or people providing the service and by paying them directly, you ensure your money is being used wisely on things you actually need.

This gives you more transparency, understanding and control over your own project.

In gestational surrogacy programmes, we shift the focus back into the most important person – the surrogate, whom we will help you compensate directly, without intermediaries, and with a contract which takes into account her utmost wellbeing and care.

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What makes us different from other providers


Regardless of your personal situation and requirements, we will offer you options to suit your needs and preferences around the globe.

In each market we work in, we also offer more options than any other provider, giving you the best deals and combinations available and leaving you in full control to plan your own journey to parenthood.

We work with international partners and are constantly researching new possibilities. 

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We take pride in the local teams we work with who will provide you with logistical support for any trips you make overseas. Wherever you travel, our partners will give you a warm welcome and introduction to the local culture so you will always feel at ease.


One word – teamwork. We are a network of partners who work as one to give you the best of both worlds – a highly motivated group of experts working to provide you with a seamless experience.



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