Our Surrogacy Journey began with us phoning Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine to learn the cost and legal process of surrogacy, requirements as well as time required to complete the paperwork for bringing back our surrogate baby.

Initially, most pretty much offered the same package, cost being the only separator. However, we also wanted to go with a reputable company which was going to treat the surrogates fairly and compensate them completely for their time.

Whilst talking to various representatives from different clinics.
We found Louise’s approach and reassurance of the process, as well as the guidance she gave us very refreshing. She made us feel that our journey was the most important thing to her and true to her word.

She kept in touch throughout the process from start to finish and sometimes we would contact her multiple times in a single day. She never failed not to respond instantly or at worst within 30 minutes of our chats. She is a true professional, courteous and exudes sincerity.

Ukraine is a beautiful country, with wonderful, helpful people but can be intimidating to someone who does not speak Ukrainian.
We spent 4 months in Ukraine and now have a lovely baby boy and girl, both back with us safely in the UK.

As well as our very loud 4 year old daughter, L.O.L.During our journey we met a lot of people whose kindness and professional approach to their work, including doctors, lawyers and coordinators made our journey smooth and stressless even when things went pear shaped due to the covid pandemic, including the clinic going bankrupt.

In-spite of this, those still at the clinic ensured all our paperwork was submitted and translated correctly to ensure there was no delay in the legal process.

With Louise Riding talking to all those involved on our behalf, including doctors, lawyers etc, even though she was made redundant.

A true professional who reassured us and made sure we were not left abandoned until we came back to the UK safely. Using her well established contacts and her reputation as a professional on our behalf.

Consequently, we recommend anyone thinking of taking this journey to parenthood or our wanting to complete their family like us. Louise will ensure your journey is a smooth and stress free one, and she will be dedicated to ensuring you achieve your dreams.

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