We have been married for 10 years but unable to have children naturally due to an underlying health problem.

We have wanted a family more than anything in the world and we have sat on an adoption waiting list for over or 7 years, but to no avail, so in February 2019, we began our research surrogacy options. 

We got to know Hélène who was our ray of sunshine, she was able to explain the whole program to us in detail, without hiding anything from us.

Everything moved very quickly for us and in March 2019 we started the administrative procedures.

In May, we travelled to Ukraine to leave a sperm deposit, to sign the various contracts that Hélène had explained to us beforehand.

In June 2019, we had the first implantation with our surrogate mother, Elena, and it was successful.

Throughout the pregnancy, we were always in touch with Elena (our surrogate mother) but also Hélène (Visio / WhatsApp / emails) and both were incredibly supportive because traveling in Ukraine was complicated for us before the birth of our baby.

On the 11th 2020, our daughter Victoire was born just before the lockdown in Europe.

Things quickly turned complicated because on the Ukrainian borders and all public administration offices closed on the 14th. Thanks to our lawyer Alyona (who was great) we were able to get the documents we needed to discharge Victoire from the maternity hospital before the administration shut entirely.

It was a time when everything was a complete blur, no one could enter or leave the country.

Obtaining our baby’s travel documents was tricky, because the French embassy asked us for photos of our daughter, but just like in France, all businesses in Ukraine were closed.

I found this situation difficult and overwhelming but luckily Hélène was there to help and support me which she did 7 days a week.

Three weeks after the birth of our daughter, we were able to be repatriated to France thanks to the work of a great team who were able to get us photos, apostilles … despite the lockdown.

Our daughter will soon be eight months old and we have no regrets and are really very proud to have turned to surrogacy.

If one day Victoire asks us for a little brother or sister, we will go back to Kiev without hesitation.

A big thank you to Elena who is a part of our life, without her I would never have had the happiness of being a mother.

Thanks to Alyona who does an outstanding job as a lawyer, always available for questions and services.

A big thank you to Anastasia who during the 3 weeks in Ukraine was always present by our side to help us (translation, accompaniment, support, putting us in touch with all the people in Ukraine). A real little guardian angel.

Thank you to Hélène, for her dedication, her professionalism and her down to earth relationship.

Thanks to her, our dream came true.


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