In early 2018 after some research, we started contacting a few clinics to enquire about their Surrogacy program. And today I sit here watching my almost five months old baby who is perfect, healthy, and the complete joy of our lives, and without Louise none of this would have been possible. Our journey to have a family was long, I had problems and couldn’t get pregnant naturally, tried IVF a few times in London and Spain but there was no luck and finally realized surrogacy will be my last resort.

I started my online research and attended some surrogacy events organized by a few different surrogate clinics from Ukraine and Georgia. But I was not convinced completely as I literally did not know anything about surrogacy and did not want to discuss it with anyone, instead just wanted to educate myself about surrogacy by doing hours after hours online research.

Finally I choose the clinic from Kiev, Ukraine and Louise was my case manager, although initially I thought this journey will be very complicated but we found everything went very smoothly from our first visit to Ukraine, signing the contract, choosing the surrogate even our surrogate get pregnant in her first attempts and we used to get regular updates from Louise. Everything was going according to the plan and we were expecting to have our baby in few months, at around 28 weeks we got a call from the clinic telling us that our surrogate was having some issues and had been admitted to her local hospital after experiencing water leakage.

We were later informed that she had a ruptured sac and 2 days later she underwent an emergency C section. Our baby born in on a few days after completely 28 weeks. We took the next flight to Ukraine but because of the Covid situation everything was restricted and I became so worried I was not even able to do anything, and Louise literally organized everything for me. We were in Ukraine for two months as our baby was in NICU because he was very premature and had a very low birth weight. Those two months were not easy in a foreign country, but the support I got from Louise cannot express with words.

Finally, our baby was discharged from the hospital and Louise and her team had organized all our paper works ahead of our trip back home, so we didn’t have to wait before being reunited with our families. Within a week, we were back home in London. It’s true that we had some difficult moments but life is never meant to be easy. Surrogacy processes can be complicated so it’s very important to choose the right people who will help you from their heart and who really care for you so make sure you find these people from the very beginning.

I was very lucky to have Louise by my side. She and her team have done everything for me, and this was priceless. In those two months in Ukraine, they organized everything for me so I could dedicate time to my baby.

I really cannot thank Louise enough for making me a proud mum and for standing by me like a best friend in every step during this journey.


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