Since the start of the pandemic and constant rise in cases all over the world, questions about Covid-19 and surrogacy are still very much on the table. 

One of the scariest scenarios for surrogates and parents is “what happens if the surrogate gets covid?” 

We faced this situation very recently for our last birth. A few days before the due date, the surrogate, Olena underwent a PCR and tested positive.

Despite contacting several private maternity hospitals, all of which were not willing to admit her, in this situation there was only one solution; to reschedule the birth at the only maternity hospital specializing in infections, public maternity hospital number 3.

The decision was made to perform a caesarean section, according to the doctor this was the best solution to protect the baby from infection, and both Olena and the baby girl she delivered had to stay 5 days under surveillance in the maternity ward. 

Unfortunately, during this time, her parents were not permitted to visit. It was a painful episode for the parents, who had awaited the birth of their child with such joy, but it was the only solution.

Fortunately, both baby and Olena are doing very well, they were lucky not to have developed any symptoms and will be able to return home in the next few days


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