We’ve been married for 4 years but following a hysterectomy, our only option for a family was surrogacy. We started our journey in the USA in 2016 but unfortunately our attempts were not successful. After many conversations with other couples in our same situation, we turned to Ukraine. We started a new journey in early 2019, accompanied by Hélène.

Always available, extremely compassionate and attentive, Hélène really helped us to make our dream of being parents come true. We were lucky that our surrogate was pregnant during the first implantation and even luckier that we were expecting twins. The covid and the health situation unfortunately prevented us from going to Kiev to support our surrogate mother, but we were able to follow each ultrasound by video, which was really important and comforting for us and we spoke with her throughout the pregnancy, which is very important to us.

Our daughters were born on the 18th August and we couldn’t have been happier. We stayed in Ukraine for five weeks in order to carry out the administrative procedures … something which wasn’t easy during a health crisis.

Surrogacy is a long and difficult journey, sometimes fraught with pitfalls … you have to hold on and support each other. It’s really emotionally challenging! But Hélène and other couples going through the same thing were there to reassure us and to give us hope.

We held on, we went through it and today we have achieved what we have always dreamt about… we are the happy parents of two lovely two-month-old girls who fill us with happiness.

Thank you Alexandra our surrogate mother, an exceptional woman and thank you Hélène for your support.

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